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  • Dog CBD Balm

    Addressing everything from dry/cracked paws and noses to persistent skin issues, Paws&Claws CBD Dog Balm is more than just a balm

    Combining targeted relief with the consistent strength of full-spectrum CBD, we ensure quality care without stretching your budget

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  • Dog CBD Biscuit Treats – 30ct

    Our Dog CBD treats combine the best of nature, merging premium CBD with top-quality natural food ingredients, delivering a treat that’s as tasty as it is healthful!

    Whether you’re reinforcing training, comforting during stressful times, or simply giving them a healthful snack, our treats infused with CBD and natural ingredients have you covered.

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    $24.95$69.95 Select options MINI BONE BISCUITS DOGS
  • Pet CBD Oil Tincture for Cats

    • Alleviates occasional stress, especially during vet visits or noisy events.
    • Manages moody moments, ensuring a happy cat.
    • Enhances daily vitality and playful energy.
    • Boosts cognitive sharpness and curiosity.
    • Strengthens natural immune responses for a healthy feline.
    • Encourages limber movements and stretchy yawns.
    • Maintains calm during new introductions or changes.
    • Nurtures skin, warding off seasonal irritations.
    • Assures smooth digestion and optimal nutrient intake.
    • Delivers relaxation without dimming their playful spirit.
    • May reduce behaviors like excessive meowing or scratching.


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  • Pet CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs

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